Josie Nelson is an 19 year-old self-taught photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. For the longest time, she had been indecisive on what she wanted for her career path to be. After spending a semester at university studying nursing, she realized she needed more of a creative job. Though she had taken a film photography class in high school, it never really struck her as a career possibility until she was given her first digital camera. Though there was & still is a lot of growing & learning to be done, she very quickly realized that she had an eye for it. Her career started by going on small adventures around Indiana with friends & bringing her camera along for the ride. 

More recently, Josie has been focusing on broadening her career as a music photographer. Her ultimate goal is to go on tour with an artist she loves & take the best photos of her life. She has shot for artists such as Mod Sun, All Time Low, Logic, & Billie Eilish. Since the start of her career as a 'professional concert go-er', Josie's photos have earned recognition from notable celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Goody Grace, Bella Thorne, and Natasha Bedingfield. She hopes this list of names will continue to grow as she creates.

(Photo by Molly Belt)



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