Donna Missal Opens her Headlining Tour with a Thrilling Show in Chicago

After releasing her first ever studio album, This Time, Donna Missal has completed her first headlining tour in North America. Donna impressed her listeners by creating a timeless classic rock album with powerhouse vocals. It’s rare to find an artist with such passion for the music that they are creating and sharing with the world; but to say that Donna has deep musical roots would be an understatement. The Missal family has had strong ties to music for years on end. Donna’s father owned a recording studio in New York City and eventually built a home studio where the Missal family would work on personal projects as well as recording annual Christmas albums together. Donna also brought her rockstar guitarist brother, Steve, on tour with her as well. I was lucky enough to watch the pair perform alongside drummer, Derek Taylor, on the opening night of the tour in Chicago. The chemistry that this team has on stage together is inspiring to watch. It’s easy to tell that they are truly in their element when they are playing music. 

Donna has a voice that is incomparable to the current pop sound that most current artists gravitate towards, she truly has a style of her own. Nowadays, it’s easy to create great music even if you aren’t a naturally inclined musician, however, she has no issue belting notes flawlessly onstage. Donna’s live performance is one that you will not be let down by, her vocals effortlessly float through the venue and leave the room in awe. The Chicago crowd was full of smiling fans both young & old that were brought closer by their love for Donna’s music. This was a concert experience that I don’t think a single person in the room will ever forget, nothing beats raw talent.

All photos & writing by Josie Nelson.

Bella Thorne Used 2018 to Prove That She is a Revolutionary Artist

Bella Thorne, Disney star turned independent business mogul, has taken the world by storm in 2018. Bella started as a young actress & dancer on the Disney show “Shake It Up” alongside her co-star Zendaya. When the show came to an end, Bella kept acting & created several businesses of her own. In 2018 alone, Bella starred in 5 movies, released 5 songs, created the Filthy Fangs record label with her sister Dani, directed several music videos, as well as created her own vegan makeup line called Thorne By Bella. 

It’s rare to find an artist that is so willing to work hard enough to be fantastic at so many things. It takes a lot of time, effort, patience, & creativity to have visions & be able to to bring them to life. While many look at Bella Thorne with a judgmental eye, this year has proved to many that she is an incredibly intelligent & dedicated individual. Earlier this year when Bella had a break from filming, she decided to hop on tour with her boyfriend Mod Sun for a few days. She took the stage in an all black outfit with flashy diamond boots & performed her iconic single “B*tch I’m Bella Thorne”. Before she exited the stage, Bella shared an intimate kiss with Mod Sun & waved goodbye to the crowd one last time. The two of them truly put on a fantastic show together.

It’s safe to say that Bella challenged herself in 2018, & with stepping out of her comfort zone she was rewarded with so many great successes. The world is proud of you, Bella.

All writing & photos by Josie Nelson.

Charlotte Lawrence is on the Come Up for Solo Pop Artists

If you aren’t familiar with Charlotte Lawrence already, get ready to know her a little bit better. Soon Enough, the world will know her name for the many talents she possesses. Her mother & father, Christa Miller & Bill Lawrence, are famed for their success in acting & screenwriting. It would be so easy to assume Charlotte would be destined to be a movie star, however, she took a different path & has boldly made a name for herself in both the modeling industry as well as in the music industry.

At the Age of 18, Charlotte has worked hard enough to release over 15 brilliant songs, as well as go on tour with ‘I Like Me Better’ singer, Lauv. Charlotte’s pop hit ‘Sleep Talking’ recently earned her a spot on Spotify’s Pop Sauce playlist alongside artists like Madison Beer, Shawn Mendes, & Billie Eilish. While music is her main focus, Charlotte has an impressive modeling career as well. She is signed with IMG Models & has been featured in notable publications including, but not limited to, Paper Magazine, Teen Vogue, & Harper’s Bazaar. Charlotte also has strong relationships with other well-known models such as Kaia Gerber & Kendall Jenner.

Charlotte is currently preparing for her first headlining world tour in 2019, & its safe to say that you can expect to hear her music on all the radio stations soon. It is very inspiring to see a young artist prosper in so many ways & also get the recognition that is so well deserved. Charlotte Lawrence is indeed a name to remember.

Article & photos by Josie Nelson.

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