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Donna Missal Opens her Headlining Tour with a Thrilling Show in Chicago

After releasing her first ever studio album This Time, Donna Missal completed her first headlining tour in North America. Donna impressed her listeners by creating a timeless classic rock inspired album with powerful vocals. It is rare to find an artist with such passion for the music that they are creating and sharing with the world; but to say that Donna has deep musical roots would be an understatement. The Missal family has had strong ties to music for years on end. Donna’s father owned a recording studio in New York City and eventually built a home studio where the Missal family would work on personal projects as well as recording annual Christmas albums together. Donna also brought her rockstar guitarist brother, Steve, on tour with her as well. I was lucky enough to watch the pair perform alongside drummer, Derek Taylor, on the opening night of the tour in Chicago. The chemistry that this team has on stage together is inspiring to watch. It’s easy to tell that they are truly in their element when they are playing music. 

Donna has a voice that is incomparable to the current pop sound that most current artists gravitate towards, she has a style of her own. Nowadays, it’s easy to create great music even if you aren’t a naturally inclined musician. Donna’s live performance is one that you will not be let down by, her vocals effortlessly float through the venue. The Chicago crowd was full of smiling fans both young & old that were brought closer by their love for Donna’s music. This was a concert experience that I don’t think a single person in the room will ever forget, nothing beats raw talent.

All photos & writing by Josie Nelson.

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